Alcatel One Touch Fire E

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: Firefox OS; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 4.5 ;" 960x540 ;Pix 245 ;ppi 16 million. colors IPS Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch / on five points touch / ; The ratio of the display/housing: 68 ;%; CPU frequency: 1200 ;MHz; Number of CPU cores: 2; Accelerator: +; RAM: 512 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 4 ;Gb; Slot for memory cards: + / microSD / ; Camera: 5 ;MP; Max. resolution: 2592x1944 ;Pix; Autofocus: +; Flash: +; Camera for video calls: +; Geotagging: +; Communication: GPRS EDGE Wi-Fi /...


Table of characteristics

Device typesmartphone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemFirefox OS
Housing typemonoblock
The main display4.5 "
960x540 Pix
245 ppi
16 million. colors
Touch screen
Multitouch / on five points touch /
The ratio of the display/housing68 %
CPU frequency1200 MHz
Number of CPU cores2
RAM512 Mb
Built-in memory4 Gb
Slot for memory cards+ / microSD /
Digital camera 
Camera5 MP
Max. resolution2592x1944 Pix
Camera for video calls+
Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot /
Bluetooth / v4.0 /
GPS module+
Digital compass+
MultimediaMedia player
The recorder
Connection portsmicroUSB
Headphones (3.5 mm)
Sensor approximation
The battery capacity1700 mAh
Dimensions (Wksht)129x63.5x8.2 mm


good model, like

2014-05-20 13:02
Great sound - frequency speech noise filter is perfect. the camera is rather weak - but the pictures and text of the review makes it acceptable. The build quality of the mark-does not creak. Is reliable and worth the money.
The main drawback is the small print. If you wear glasses presbyopia(+1,5), we wear them together with your phone.
the Video is much worse than in the tests of the Internet. I would define as 15 fps 320x240. The display is prone to scratches, but without fanaticism.
To 30 years of the best purchases

400 USD is not money for such a phone.

2014-06-09 13:59
the price is 400 USD for the dual SIM phone is very reasonable, in live it looks much better than the photo. the case fit perfectly, absolutely no squeaks. The SCREEN is just great, compare it with the more expensive companies lg, samsung, nokia, fly. for example the nokia 515, which cost more than three times higher, the screen is worse and colour and contrast and the most important angles, the rest of the office generally by half a kilometre behind alcatel. the presence of black/white list numbers. a pretty good list of contacts - you can add multiple phone numbers for one name and other entries (many cheap competitors with a "big" names sin stripped-down book).
any flaws detected. as for me most of the standard tunes are not particularly loud, because at first sinned on a quiet speaker, but set your ringtones and call volume is already fully udovletworyaet. charging could be done with a removable cable usb/microusb so you can easily charge your phone from the laptop (computer) and had to re-buy the cheapest kabelik for $ 1.
I use the phone a couple of days, but already have something to say. first: build quality, screen is on top. I have a model 200D i.e., dual SIM, and one of the SIM cards (sim 1) is microsomal, so please consider before buying. each set of numbers (or contacts list) constantly request before calling with any SIM cards to call (sim1, sim2), I do not know how this is useful but here is my advice, that SIM card with which you call most often should be MICROSIGA, not just you will need to look at the screen, but only twice hitting the emergency button not playing joystick selection of SIM cards. the quality of audibility of the interlocutor is gorgeous, even no one to compare (I believe the word for they were and I have different phones and smart shovels). about the camera, the Internet, toys and lack of Java - miss because in our age, this phone with that screen is designed primarily to make and keep the battery a few days and not be charged twice a day. radio pretty well stuck here even record (by the way you could record and phone conversations). the player also sounds good (though I worked in the engineering menu, raised the volume and bass, I can't say how it sounds with the original settings, as there were at the time the SD card and the internal memory of the phone is not allowed to upload an MP3 track)... that's all maybe eventually something will complement.
I hope someone can help my review to make a choice before buying.

I don't get it.

2014-07-16 23:54
All praise to the screen and the build quality is so true! I will not repeat, the details of the flaws. Separately praised the battery, after the smartphone 1-2 charging/1day received sarag/7days.
1. The sound quality can be very poor when the signal is weak operator (MTS when installed in slot and 2. This fact is very upsetting because this is my main SIM)
2. When you receive a call, does not turn on the backlight. It is a huge disadvantage! In the darkness pressed at random. Annoying much.
3. The sound of keys falling behind - not very annoying, but still.
To buy recommend, T. K. (1750r) the price is small but the range of functions of more than great! You can hide unwanted shortcuts, so as not to clutter up the menu. Charge rare and should not be afraid to remain without communication. I myself grew up on Nokia-x therefore, the communication quality/build of my requirements is high, and the bodies I was quite satisfied.
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