Apple iPhone 5C 16GB

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G 4G CDMA ; Operating system: iOS; The type of SIM card: nano-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 4 ;" 1136x640 ;Pix 326 ;ppi 16 million. colors IPS Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch ; The ratio of the display/housing: 60 ;%; CPU frequency: 1300 ;MHz / Apple A6 / ; Number of CPU cores: 2; Accelerator: + / PowerVR SGX543 MP3 / ; RAM: 1024 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 16 ;Gb; Slot for memory cards: -; 3DMark Gamer's Benchmark: 5669 ;score(s); Camera: 8 ;MP; Max. resolution: 3264x2448 ;Pix; Megapixels (front): 1.2 ;MP; Max....


Table of characteristics

Coloryellow, green, pink, white, blue
Device typesmartphone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemiOS
The type of SIM cardnano-SIM
Housing typemonoblock
The main display4 "
1136x640 Pix
326 ppi
16 million. colors
Touch screen
The ratio of the display/housing60 %
CPU frequency1300 MHz / Apple A6 /
Number of CPU cores2
Accelerator+ / PowerVR SGX543 MP3 /
RAM1024 Mb
Built-in memory16 Gb
Slot for memory cards-
The results of the tests 
3DMark Gamer's Benchmark5669 score(s)
Digital camera 
Camera8 MP
Max. resolution3264x2448 Pix
Megapixels (front)1.2 MP
Max. resolution (front)1280x960 Pix
Video recording1920x1080 Pix / 30 frames/h /
Autofocus+ / also stabilizer image /
Camera for video calls+
Wi-Fi / 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot /
Bluetooth / v4.0 /
GPS module+
Preinstalled mapApple Maps
Support GLONASS+
Digital compass+
MultimediaMedia player
The recorder
Connection portsHeadphones (3.5 mm)
AdditionallyNoise reduction / used three microphone /
Sensor approximation
Sensor lighting
The battery capacity1507 mAh
The time in standby mode225 h
The 3G telephony10 h
The time in player mode40 h
Non-removable battery+
Dimensions (Wksht)124.4x59.2x9 mm
Weight132 y


Used it and realized that wasn't mine. But if you ask a good phone, would recommend

2014-08-15 15:43
In principle, can be called a mini-tablet is all that is required is there. Except that, in addition to logon for your SD card, but it can be solved with an adapter for microSD. Works smartly while it was used, almost no brakes, except that only curves with third-party applications to it was stressful to work with. The screen is big and bright. And three gigabytes of memory - my desktop computer, and then lower.
One SIM card nowadays it is not comme Il faut. Really it was difficult another entrance to solder? For some reason the stylus in the set, while all other models have moved on together. Another disadvantage I would have recognized the misunderstanding video format .flv - once downloaded the video in this format, wanted on the road to see, did not work.
Modern phone on a solid b plus. If you are only using one SIM card, you can safely take - I think it will last more than one year.

Absolutely incomparable smartphone which has completely replaced the laptop and tablet.

2014-08-18 06:38
Gorgeous screen, comfortable keyboard, great camera, gorgeous performance, Android OS, touch pen, sensitive display, stylish, comfortable ergonomic body, a large power consumption, rugged housing, large number of accessories, quickly finds the network
a little expensive still,
After the child several times dropped the tablet on the floor, and then safely washed my mom's phone I decided to buy so to say 2 in one is a good smartphone. Without thinking, picked Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as the ideal ratio required me functionality and price, and it has paid off. The smartphone has completely replaced a little bulky tablet, it conveniently fits in a backpack, and if necessary in his pocket.

first, of course, surprised and delighted lovely large bright display, comfortable keyboard and luxury stylus pen. The screen is perfectly visible in the sun - no glare. Really topped it yet the film just in case, to protect the child more. The Internet works very quickly, the child is watching cartoons in the car is just perfect, no streaking, downloads, unusual after tablet. The child periodically played - no scratches, very durable, wear-resistant housing. Drawing with the stylus is very handy and interesting. Further evaluated the stylus in the winter - when the hands are in gloves. Though the screen is very sensitive, gloves still is not, and with a stylus completely resolved the problem.

the Battery lasts for a couple of days - in games I don't play, and different children's apps, which take the child in queues and travel a lot of energy do not pull. Front camera allows you to do just gorgeous pictures.What else of the benefits - sometimes you want to open a lot of Windows, the performance is not reduced. The dynamics of a very powerful player, the headset is also good. As the phone gets reception everywhere, at any distance.

One of the most powerful smartphone, but the price is too high (I think).

2014-10-15 22:50
Stylish and solid exterior, large and bright screen, color-rich, long lasting battery, good functionality, the processor is fast, loud and clear sound. The photos are of excellent quality, no worse than on the camera.
The accessories are expensive, small selection of colors, as for the phone - a bit too large and keep him uncomfortable, the camera sticks out above the case, and of course the price is for the phone not decently expensive. But cheaper iPhone.
Gave me this phone two months ago, my husband for his birthday. The functionality has mastered quite quickly and without problems. Everything is intuitive. I immediately took it to a shop, what would I glued a protective film, therefore, for the stability of the screen to scratches't know - decided not to risk it. But once fell from the table onto the carpet, very scared, but fortunately his work, the fall is not affected, the quality of housing has not podila. Some of the features are still not used, such as the Navigator or the infrared port. To the computer connect is also not yet accounted for, because there is Wi-Fi – use it, and the memory card is not full. Disappointed not a great selection of colors of the body. But with the help of the cover I decided it is now a gift to fit my taste. To use the phone without headphones or Bluetooth headsets are uncomfortable, hard to hold it in one hand (but maybe it individually, I have a little hand). In the parameters it more in line with the tablet, games fly on it, but the processor gets too hot.
the quality of the picture and the photo is great, the colors are bright and saturated. If you sit all day with him on the Internet, the battery lasts maximum one day. In normal mode it lasts almost two days.
the Sensor is quite sensitive, informative and no glitches.
the Sound is clean and loud speakers, a headset too, no problems so far, audibility when you call good.
it has many diverse applications, and built-in media player supports almost all formats of movies.
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