Apple iPhone 6 64GB

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G 4G / VoLTE / CDMA ; Operating system: iOS; The type of SIM card: nano-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 4.7 ;" 1334x750 ;Pix 326 ;ppi 16 million. colors IPS Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch ; The ratio of the display/housing: 66 ;%; CPU frequency: 1400 ;MHz / Apple A8 + M8 / ; Number of CPU cores: 2; Accelerator: + / PowerVR GX6450 / ; RAM: 1024 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 64 ;Gb; Slot for memory cards: -; 3DMark Gamer's Benchmark: 17382 ;score(s); Camera: 8 ;MP / F/2.2...


For its own good. The device is only for those who are not groping in the SMARTS and one den

2014-05-30 09:46
Apple certainly attracts attention and adds to the owner of coolness in the eyes of others
Price, price and price! Plus stuffing from the past. At the time, as flagships on Android already almost travel through outer space, the new iPhone 6 - from the past)))
Not to take. Let them do more affordable price! And even better - to buy a flagship Android!

good model, like

2014-07-19 23:53
will describe it as the owner for 5 models of iPhone, all started with the iPhone 4, umayu my comments will be relevant. I'll start with the most important in appearance, the case is it better I think. Changed the quality of finishing materials, they become better , stronger and more pleasant to the touch, the body has become almost a monolith, almost no transition from iron to glass, ate ate detectable. What the body normally all owners of iPhones over time, begin to walk or in a film it is not very rescued from scuffs sides or covers but panic on an iPhone lost view in any case, or W in 3-4 months your mega pipe has become worn to horror mofon look elsewhere. Then it all became Yes on the contrary, the body to the touch is quite different, the Premier League says that it is very good now and no covers or film it. Externally is just great, but there is a small caveat that I don't like the camera sticks out a bit , I think the 6S will not clean inside everything. In size Yes, it's bigger. now with one finger holding in the same hand, fails to work, now he became a full-fledged smart background on 2 hands work, and this is just simple ,And plus there is generally a digger rare. The phone is absolutely not slippery, will not have problems without covers uronate has become more difficult. In color there is nothing new as 5S here is how people decide and choose , personally I like Golden. a bit unusual I marked off button or the lock, she was on the side so the week pereprivykat you have)))
On screen, he was good but got even better angle all most viewed, flashes and never will be I think. Regarding the screen and the printout, everything is exactly the same as in the 5S had nothing to add, works relatively fast 1 seka unlock. On OSes work quite perfectly on another not even planned, IOS 8 but it has already been resolved by updates. Camera - everything is new , optics, glass , number of lenses, the new focusing system. but it does not say the camera still has flaws to catch it still may not all objects. The quality of the photos and video is very high to compare with any other phone do not even need there is much sadder, but for me it takes the camera back to 5 so with his head. Life the batteries, I very actively use the phone especiallyin the early days when all you want to test it as a once-plow, the battery was better than the 5S lasted me for the past 2 weeks the whole working day from 9 am to 11 at night so there's 5-K, although it will only be worse when I upload stuff.
The first real smart background from EPL, work in 2 hands is a bit annoying at first, but then you get used. Honestly now the price is still high for such pipe, put Kosar greens at least it is very sad, even though he's standing there 650 bucks, but we all sadder. And no fault to than plain oats perfectly.

excellent model, very much

2014-11-05 22:46
A relatively large screen, good camera (though as before), fits comfortably in your hand.
Good machine, but the money is definitely not worth it.

conventional model, nothing special

2014-11-27 01:51
and so , the first thing you will notice, even people who have not used the Apple is convex camera, sort of a nyuansik which prevents everywhere, firstly the thickness of which is measured not write on the camera, if the camera is +2 mm, who carries a phone in your pocket And not blows away the dust from it understands that there/here its unreal uncomfortable poke. By the way none of the Apple before this inconvenience was not, on the contrary perfectly straight under face throughout the body. further there is a note about the operation lever mute, personally I have no such problem, but I had already at least 2 phones in which the problem is, the lever is not hard as well to say loose. And this problem I have read and checked at the store on two NEW phones. Hull strength or quality of materials, I only admirer that would be using the phones and all the other equipment without covers , films, and similar devices, why? - personally, I want to fully enjoy the quality of equipment, the thickness for which I paid , and not some piece of rubber which turned my phone into a brick Ala Samsung , but now is not it, after 2 weeks my phone was in the micro scratches all over the body, wear pants , pockets everywhere and where you can carry, plus the presence of one DEEP scratches on the glass as well??? what about this mega cool glass? I never fell... Battery, who say that the phone lasts all day? units which just call him...
When I work in the Internet, correspondence viber/ Skype/contact kill the phone before 2-3 hours of the day, it's all panic, although judging specifications battery 6-Ki is more powerful, but the big screen eats more than added capacity... Button on/off then throw a rock at me, but I'm embarrassed constantly tap was turned off, even sometimes, sometimes managed to even call someone. Way at the expense of the battery, and a large screen, then when you choose I would advise to think, 6 plus has image stabilization, mega cool thing.. Yes it is a shovel, but the shovel capacity of almost 2 times more than in 6-ke, and "rumors" that lasts the whole day. On account of the spade and the opportunity to work with one hand, the opportunity to work with one hand neither 6 nor the 6 plus. Here such here a brief history from me))) personally, I would've bought 5S so don't see as much of the big differences between them...
My review will be completely critical, not critical or even a review which will describe all that I did not like as the previous look only touted not afraid of the word miracle of technology.

Owners OS X/other iOS8-compatiblex devices is a must.Else, act oth optional

2015-02-22 15:44
1. A bunch of iOS and OS X Yosemite. The first, and best, that added to the iPhone and Mac. Without the use of the poppy in conjunction with IOS devices to unlock the potential of the device is impossible, and 50%.
2. The screen is excellent! The colors are very close to AMOLED'am, but without poison.
3. Works smartly (it's an iPhone after all). iOS 8 until the end of run-in, there are small lags.
4. Camera. From really cool - slow-mo video at 240 frames/sec. The rest is marketing and tinsel. All this can and 5S. Protruding camera does not interfere, except when you use the device on a perfectly smooth surface-and long Tapan on it. Cover saves.
5. The build quality (iPhone). Does NOT BEND (if without fanaticism to approach the issue).
6. The front camera actually shoots better (from the point of view of the color quality, resolution is the same), but it did not drive, because only recently learned that what I always called "camera for Facetime", is worldwide called "selfie camera".
7. Autonomy. The sensation runs on the hour and a half longer than 5s. Schiller (Apple's Vice President, if that) and it's promised on the due September 9.
1. Price from us. In order to buy an iPhone we need to be an Apple fan to the core, or have an oil rig. Although it is possible to steal, and there are still girls... well, you understand :)
Output: to buy in the USA via ground services. It turns out VERY NOTICEABLY cheaper.
2. The screen is 4.7". Can't get over. The screen is all good, but who uses aforeme since 4, I understand.
3. Thin, cool to the touch, cold as the heart of beauty, bred capitalist world, metal. BUT dropping easier. Falls dies glass. Need to buy a case.
4. These bands back just to kill you! So if the problem is relevant for you - take Space Gray. Gold/silver - these bands Hells catch the eye. In Space Gray issue is not so tangible.
5. Not working in our area Apple Pay. Who has renounced the use of paper in favor of payment cards will understand me. That feature is very cool, but only in the US. A year or two and we can stir, but then 6S you can buy.
Is it worth buying the phone for 650$ for calls, (C)ebasic and seats him on Facebook? DEFINITELY NOT. Although if you want someone to show their prosperity and #netakayakakvse - still necessarily (though with the development of loan programs to buy it can any tractor (abstract, nothing against these guys don't have) but who is watching :)). However, if you are a user of any Mac (ESPECIALLY Mac), iPad and other biodevices - purchase required. A single ecosystem Apple makes our life easier. Specially written a review before the release of OS X Yosemite, because I wanted to try Continuity in action. Very cool features, the droid while this can not and are unlikely in the foreseeable future. 1 GB of RAM + A8 - for the eyes. If you love to be compared CHRI... er, GB - the device is not for you. Ergonomics: the Amateur. Accustomed to clear the edges of the iPhone starting with the 4th, six seems a "pifanoi" or something. Generally, you will lose very little by taking 5S, not 6. Is cheaper (we), the possibilities are practically not lost.

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