Asus Zenfone 2 16GB ZE551ML

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G 4G ; Operating system: Android v 5.0; Number of SIM cards: 2 SIM; Mode SIM cards: alternate; The type of SIM card: micro-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 5.5 ;" 1920x1080 ;Pix 403 ;ppi 16 million. colors IPS Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch glass Gorilla Glass / v3 / ; The ratio of the display/housing: 71 ;%; CPU frequency: 1830 ;MHz / Intel Atom Z3560 / ; Number of CPU cores: 4; Accelerator: + / PowerVR G6430 / ; RAM: 2048 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 16 ;Gb; Slot for memory...


Table of characteristics

Colorblack, white
Device typesmartphone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemAndroid v 5.0
Number of SIM cards2 SIM
Mode SIM cardsalternate
The type of SIM cardmicro-SIM
Housing typemonoblock
The main display5.5 "
1920x1080 Pix
403 ppi
16 million. colors
Touch screen
glass Gorilla Glass / v3 /
The ratio of the display/housing71 %
CPU frequency1830 MHz / Intel Atom Z3560 /
Number of CPU cores4
Accelerator+ / PowerVR G6430 /
RAM2048 Mb
Built-in memory16 Gb
Slot for memory cards+ / microSD /
Max. card volume64 Gb
Digital camera 
Camera13 MP
Max. resolution4128x3096 Pix
Megapixels (front)5 MP
Max. resolution (front)2592x1944 Pix
Video recording1920x1080 Pix
Flash+ / double /
Camera for video calls+
Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot /
Bluetooth / v4.0 /
USB host
GPS module+
Preinstalled mapGoogle Maps
Support GLONASS+
Digital compass+
MultimediaMedia player
The recorder
Connection portsmicroUSB
Headphones (3.5 mm)
Sensor approximation
Sensor lighting
The battery capacity3000 mAh
Non-removable battery+
Dimensions (Wksht)152.5x77.2x10.9 mm
Weight170 y


Gorgeous phone

2014-06-04 18:48
Strong, hardy, large screen, long battery holds
The camera gives better images if the light in the room a lot
Took him purposefully. Saw it from a classmate of his, and so I priglyadelsya that I have literally zabradli this model of phone. Digging some a little, I raised the amount that it was necessary to throw in its purchase. I had to work a little, but quite a bit. Because the cost of normal, quirks in the price of none. It is pretty much pays for itself. I got this phone and it has become almost squeal with delight. All privativa them before every man who caught my eye. Now the truth is not played enough already. The main advantage I still think its waterproofness. I remember how scary it was to put it in the water, but we needed to check lied to me or no-limit curiosity was not, but now will say that it is all exceptional really-and it works catanico. Cool model-works perfectly, to cling to me. Super design real man's phone, elegantly structured. Thin and weight it is not big. The sound vpechatlaet, hear everything amazing, all loud and clear. The sound is clean, without stuttering and hiss. Battery unkillable, keeps for a very long time with frequent use. Never overheats, though often read reviews about it. He is very hardy, fell a couple of times, but nothing is not deteriorated and do not break is strong enough. The image gives an unreal beauty and palette-night eyes already hurt, get used to it. Naushniki also work well.

Acquired, poyuzat and it's yours!

2014-06-17 13:24
I use already half a year, before that was the xperia arc,then Xperia Z, and now this bomb! What good is this device?! It replaces two devices simultaneously. Mobile phone and tablet! Very sensitive screen, used for a couple of days. Slim, lightweight. Really like how he plays the video. By the way the battery he has 3000 mAh and keeps to the fullest day clearly. Xperia Z such a buzz is not allowed. Sat much earlier with the same use. I tried to overload it programs nothing comes out. Works smoothly without any glitches. A decent machine made me all happy
Not all pockets fit!
If you are tired of using two devices at the same time, then this is your machine! Speed, design,material, and elegance at the highest level. Importantly, not afraid to get wet in the water.

the quality exceeds the price, at least at the moment

2014-07-14 11:06
The phone was used more than a year and a half, took it to the moment it arrives on the market,took from behind the screen,sound and camera of large claims was not,because I can say that phone is just a fairy tale!vision is not annoying, the picture is chocolate..Fell a couple of times no problems,but alas,I forgot it in my back pocket and sat in the car,from the pressure and bend the screen is cracked((..screen replacement by acquaintance 11 sput,in of.
the service 15 sput,what should I do?Bought a new one exactly the same for 17 sput,with the production model has already been removed,but "a miracle"found in the old stocks provincial compare features and new ultra sonic for the same amount...That's why I have again this shovel)what is and I am glad,as new flagships not far away in the gland,although the price twice...Now I sit at work I would be happy to watch Atletico Madrid-real), why am I?))To the screen)
Disadvantages me makes up for my camera in the other pocket
Telephone use one year ten months, with a break in one day
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