Lenovo Vibe X

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: Android; The type of SIM card: micro-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 5 ;" 1920x1080 ;Pix 441 ;ppi 16 million. colors IPS Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch glass Gorilla Glass / v3 / ; The ratio of the display/housing: 67 ;%; CPU frequency: 1500 ;MHz / MediaTek MT6589T / ; Number of CPU cores: 4; Accelerator: + / PowerVR SGX544 / ; RAM: 2048 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 16 ;Gb; Slot for memory cards: -; 3DMark Gamer's Benchmark: 2925 ;score(s); AnTuTu Benchmark: 15201 ;score(s); Camera: 13 ;MP;...


Table of characteristics

Device typesmartphone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemAndroid
The type of SIM cardmicro-SIM
Housing typemonoblock
The main display5 "
1920x1080 Pix
441 ppi
16 million. colors
Touch screen
glass Gorilla Glass / v3 /
The ratio of the display/housing67 %
CPU frequency1500 MHz / MediaTek MT6589T /
Number of CPU cores4
Accelerator+ / PowerVR SGX544 /
RAM2048 Mb
Built-in memory16 Gb
Slot for memory cards-
The results of the tests 
3DMark Gamer's Benchmark2925 score(s)
AnTuTu Benchmark15201 score(s)
Digital camera 
Camera13 MP
Max. resolution4128x3096 Pix
Video recording1920x1080 Pix
Camera for video calls+ / 5 MP /
Bluetooth / v4.0 /
GPS module+
Preinstalled mapGoogle Maps
Digital compass+
MultimediaMedia player
The recorder
Connection portsmicroUSB
Headphones (3.5 mm)
Sensor approximation
Sensor lighting
The battery capacity2000 mAh
Dimensions (Wksht)144x71x6.9 mm
Weight120 y


excellent model, very much

2014-07-03 02:38
Strong, big, powerful, brutal.
The little things, like at all.
I use the phone more than half a year. Several times the phone fell on the concrete. Except for small scratches on the panels, nothing was broken or glitched. Navigation works not bad. There are certainly failures, but I sin hack Navitel. The camera is by the way very pleased. Generally, the apparatus cool.

Build quality, speed and high autonomy - the indisputable advantages!

2014-09-15 04:52
Battery, good screen, solid construction - nothing play, great sound for the speaker, the economy mode switch, diode notifications, fast Internet, compared with Highscreen Boost the first model.
There was a strange interaction with a computer monitor while charging - the call came, I answered, and the monitor goes off. At the same time, something in the phone degrade the performance of the speaker - it was rattling. As all this was happening next to the monitor - about three inches - sin on statics :(
not enough memory to download and install apps. When you consider that not all of them can be transferred to the flash drive.
Great phone! A little more than the palm, but it doesn't cause discomfort when using. GPS works and works well - quickly catches satellites and accurately shows the location. Quick Internet. Smart phone - does everything fast. In very active use(the screen is almost not Gus) was almost enough for three days with a single battery charge. The camera is decent. Never freezes, although I've done it for two months. Everything in this machine is made with consideration of ergonomics and the use region(Hello, Lenovo!) - no hint of hieroglyphics or some artifacts of Chinese Assembly.

Good model, but only for those who do not use Navigator.

2015-03-04 09:49
Big battery, big screen, 2 SIM cards, a good antenna and Wi-Fi receiver.
Incorrect operation of the GPS module. Simply put, the navigation in the phone no.
Bought because of the powerful battery. Indeed, at maximum load the charge holds for three days. On the body there is a switch on the eco mode. Good catches network signal and Wi-Fi (much better than Iphone 4s).

the Only significant problem is - GPS-navigation. Tried on a few programs-the navigators (Navitel, Google, Yandex etc.). Satellite catches, the route is built, but when driving on the route Navigator should not be, throws off to the side of the road, the signal is lost. Even after a "cold start". In the service center allegedly ran a diagnostic and came back with a diagnosis of a malfunction is not confirmed". On the technical support forum advised to contact the service center. Apparently, the problem is on the hardware level and the decision is not subject.

When the phone back from the service center, after the shutdown did not want to boot - joined blue screen with yellow characters, and to do anything was impossible. Began to heat up. Emptied until the end, charged, turned on, and it worked. The bigger issue to recur.

Also when speaking interlocutor complains of a dull sound - apparently, the problem is in the MIC, but tolerable. In the car was on speakerphone, I almost didn't hear.

I Gave the phone to the father, he has just two cards. Since he only calls and sends messages, the battery lasts about 20 days.
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