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Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: Android; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 3.5 ;" 480x320 ;Pix 165 ;ppi 262 000 colors Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch ; CPU frequency: 1000 ;MHz / Broadcom BCM21654 / ; Accelerator: + / VideoCore IV HW / ; RAM: 512 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 4 ;Gb; Slot for memory cards: +; Camera: 3.2 ;MP; Max. resolution: 2048x1536 ;Pix; Flash: +; Communication: GPRS EDGE Wi-Fi Bluetooth ; aGPS: +; GPS module: +; Preinstalled map: Google Maps; Support GLONASS: +; Digital compass: +; Multimedia: Media player FM-receiver The recorder ; Connection...


conventional model, nothing special

2014-12-30 02:11
Budget and good Android, fell twenty times the screen but did not break .
Bad camera cover worn at the camera though bad but viperi photo is terrible , almost all apps are very slow , sometimes has semirural write a review of it since I haven't bought a new one in General I advise you not to buy bad but otherwise the choice is yours!
Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad.

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