Nokia 515

Device type: phone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: missing; The type of SIM card: micro-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 2.4 ;" 320x240 ;Pix 166 ;ppi 262 000 colors glass Gorilla Glass / v2 / ; RAM: 64 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 256 ;Mb; Slot for memory cards: +; Camera: 5 ;MP; Max. resolution: 3264x2448 ;Pix; Flash: +; Communication: GPRS EDGE Bluetooth / v3 / ; Multimedia: Media player FM-receiver ; Connection ports: microUSB Headphones (3.5 mm) ; Data entry: Digital keyboard ; Additionally: Flashlight ; Model of battery: BL-4U ; Battery: Li-Ion;...


Table of characteristics

ColorGolden, black, white
Device typephone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemmissing
The type of SIM cardmicro-SIM
Housing typemonoblock
The main display2.4 "
320x240 Pix
166 ppi
262 000 colors
glass Gorilla Glass / v2 /
RAM64 Mb
Built-in memory256 Mb
Slot for memory cards+
Digital camera 
Camera5 MP
Max. resolution3264x2448 Pix
Bluetooth / v3 /
MultimediaMedia player
Connection portsmicroUSB
Headphones (3.5 mm)
Data entry 
Data entryDigital keyboard
Model of batteryBL-4U
The battery capacity1200 mAh
The time in standby mode912 h
The time in conversation mode10.5 h
The 3G telephony5.5 h
Dimensions (Wksht)114x48x11 mm
Materialmetal / aluminum /
Weight101 y


good model, like

2014-06-02 07:05
the main advantage of this performance, actually before you purchase verified in practice teaching phones, and this model in ways that I didn't quoted, so for the sake of interest tried to understand and compare what is ski, in reality the phone is speed in the same applications on a higher level, or option is like saying the new Android version or actually the better phone. Game and the Internet is just gorgeous, I would even if compared with the iPhone 4s with the fact they are on par, although that's according to a phone are generally not indicative 4 cores that is nice but 4 cores is almost never used high usually 2 cores due to the fact that many apps have not yet made under 4. Of RAM one gig too, it would seem I recommend everyone should be, but again, it all flies... the main Camera is pretty good, you can take a picture of text, then its printing, it is important for me to take a picture, then drumanure, conveniently now a lot of information through my runs. Loved that no front-facing camera, by this point dishevels the phone itself, I think very few people now actually enjoys her...
One of the minuses the biggest minus for me is the thickness of 1 cm((( it's real in the moment assload, I certainly understand that the model is already almost two-year-old but nevertheless.. and if you wear a cover in your pocket so you have just the stone will be probivaetsa))) I like all SMARTS me kills the battery life, I have 7-8 hours and you can search all outlet... I would like for such a thickness to receive a minimum day charge))
The phone is positioned as a phone with a fast processor and excellent performance. I recommend it to those who are looking for speed/price, outwardly it is not a fountain((

good model, like

2014-12-05 00:12
Large comfortable screen, the sensor will work out just perfect, support 10 fingers, though who prints so interesting. Though not very subtle, but the gaps on the sides of the screen makes the phone pretty thick disappears when in front of you like this screen. The Samsung at first frightened as smart, but you had to buy something for a price no more GM , it is very tempting in this range Lenovo, but Lenovo looks quite sad when in the hand hold. Operating system Android 4.4 version, works very well, but the app has no special use program to mark points for work, I use Yandex Navigator, such a fast ship, a little overheated when running in the game or in the navigation. Battery life does not bother night stand, and this is important. and day from 9 am to 10 PM and a full 2 days in this regime will endure. good the camera was delivered, though there is no front, although more for women who pataut duck lips your I do not need it. There is an auto focus is not important enough plus led flash.
built-in memory 8 gigs, under the system they employ 4 gig, plus immediately took the USB flash drive 64 gig is 450 UAH cost, not much color model, then 1 gig of RAM, there is little in any case at least 4 cores would need 2000 operative. The thickness of the last century of course... how could -2 mm to do, and then just blast someone you can beat. Heats up when you download something. the plastic quality is not very kind and seravee and not flying out of hands, but a pleasant feeling in the hands of no.
Well of course Lenovo is cheaper and better but damn that's not cool I ski like better and even bursting. In principle, the phone is normal, nothing super bad.

excellent model, very much

2014-12-09 12:58
Great sound, and a speaker. Perfect screen.Fast until Wesley. Keeps the battery at an adequate work with him 3 days.
Not possible barring put on unknown. Only you can make the ban on the group. 't comfortable keyboard.Downloaded, put another, yet don't like.
Overall-I recommend. Decent phone for the right price. Be sure to take the original case.
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