Nokia Asha 503 Dual Sim

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: Asha; Number of SIM cards: 2 SIM; Mode SIM cards: alternate; The type of SIM card: micro-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 3 ;" 320x240 ;Pix 133 ;ppi 256 000 colors Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch / to 2 touch / glass Gorilla Glass ; Slot for memory cards: + / microSD / ; Max. card volume: 32 ;Gb; Camera: 5 ;MP; Max. resolution: 2592x1944 ;Pix; Flash: +; Communication: GPRS EDGE Wi-Fi Bluetooth ; Multimedia: Media player FM-receiver ; Connection ports: microUSB Headphones (3.5 mm) ; Additionally:...


Table of characteristics

Coloryellow, green, red, black, white
Device typesmartphone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemAsha
Number of SIM cards2 SIM
Mode SIM cardsalternate
The type of SIM cardmicro-SIM
Housing typemonoblock
The main display3 "
320x240 Pix
133 ppi
256 000 colors
Touch screen
Multitouch / to 2 touch /
glass Gorilla Glass
Slot for memory cards+ / microSD /
Max. card volume32 Gb
Digital camera 
Camera5 MP
Max. resolution2592x1944 Pix
MultimediaMedia player
Connection portsmicroUSB
Headphones (3.5 mm)
Sensor approximation
Model of batteryBL-4U
The battery capacity1200 mAh
The time in standby mode480 h
The time in conversation mode12 h
The 3G telephony4.5 h
The time in player mode36 h
Dimensions (Wksht)102.6x60.6x12.7 mm
Weight110 y


Super))the Boardth)))

2014-08-10 13:05
Duzhe zadowoleni, all druzi mene peregovarivali, type, not Copley La-La-La)))...but I still Dodecanese Yogo out the first zrazy bought, zadowoleni the full 100 %))
Porada : Acso phone, you pregledi You really podobaetsa, just not swertia uwagi on quiet people that wedgeworth)))
Phone costo so money, can even a cheap))..He funkcjonalny, Shvydko reagu on Turkana , sche sporobulus, scho gloves in the wintertime in can pracovat))
I would not say, that the model s is SOS Pagani, HBA that the screen is not acci Yak for example on Lum 620, a Cameri frontalino NEMA, spiski Ter(

Phone justified in the price. Was very pleased with the purchase.

2014-09-12 11:17
Bright, stylish, intuitive.
Inconvenient to remove the cover.It is at first, now is well-trained. And if the SIM and the memory card, you need to remove the cover falling off!!!
Bought!!!!Happy!!!!!!!!!To madness! Bright, stylish. Troubles in the phone (in the system):
1)could not figure out how to put as ring tone.The phone has a program that cuts out the initial piece of the track at 30 sec.And, voila - put!
2)did Not understand where the money from the account until you have disabled all unnecessary apps!
3)Pleasant view messages in the form of a dialogue.
4)Camera for me is great!Before this shot 3.2 MP with Nokia 5228, the difference is certainly noticeable. I agree, for photo printing is not the fountain.but for quick shots of the movements of his child, I have plenty! For a more global set - have a camera, here it is the soul walk!
5)menu is a bit difficult to get used to, but then we got used to the drives after magazines ;)))maybe not quite a good comparison, but still)))
6)I Wanted it in Windows, because the Game something not attractive - at all enjoy, but for me there is a lot of unnecessary applications,games in which to get lost for a piece of cake yeah, maybe we don't particularly me(maybe someone will spit on me for this description: but , guys, my opinion)
Everything you need (again ,for me!) I found and understood, the rest of the stuffing out. In General - happy with everything, like an elephant!)))Buy - you will not regret.

excellent model, very much

2014-09-29 13:19
The most basic is the Price after I've been having the phones with Android , the Lumia with Windows background is just gorgeous machine speed. Really pleased with quality and long living battery , if I use the game to listen to music, climb the Internet it really is enough for 2 operation in this mode, and even if you don't have enough battery and you are a super user then it is charging just crazy though an hour and a half and ready to 100%. The presence of normal office and other windowskin prog, nothing after saving and sending to translate to other formats as with the androids or eply, there's just a buzz, made a note and everything , threw on the PC or the mail will be undressed. A good speaker can Adde radio sometimes on the background to include, on account of the display is quite quick and no rosary curves taps I had one open another. Great camera, but alas, no flash, no front camera, although for the money I cannot complain.
complete europasia socket in the kit, just buy perechodnik, very quickly dirty and unclear display, before I had sensorica but this package was not. No flash for camera,and the night mode not to go Dorny delivery reports SMS, they come as SMS Ki and then hang in unread...
Great price and the quality of the phone, pair of fucking silicone Tits all fit one under the other, the design is just a class that is pleasing to the eye and hand. The speed of Ostritsa on top, as for me in Nokia have not had so much of good product which would combine the quality, usability and price.
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