RugGear Mariner RG128

Device type: phone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: missing; Number of SIM cards: 2 SIM; Mode SIM cards: alternate; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 2.2 ;" 220x176 ;Pix 65 000 colors ; Slot for memory cards: +; Camera: 0.3 ;MP; Max. resolution: 640x480 ;Pix; Communication: GPRS EDGE Bluetooth ; Multimedia: Media player FM-receiver The recorder ; Connection ports: microUSB Headphones (3.5 mm) ; Data entry: Digital keyboard ; Additionally: Flashlight Dust-,moisture Udorozhit ; The level of protection: IP-68; Battery: Li-Ion; The battery capacity: 1400 ;mAh; The time in standby mode: 400 ;h; The time in conversation mode:...


Good phone at an affordable price

2014-06-06 15:36
Thin, lightweight, super screen, everything works smoothly, the price does not bite, the quality of the photos, video, super, mail on top, a quick update, the simplicity of the menu, the possibility of building its desktop, quick charge, the readability from the screen at any angle...
1. Binding new phone contacts to Hotmail or Google;
2. A list of common challenges, there is no distinction between incoming, outgoing, missed. Also the same contact appears in each case on a separate line, which is not convenient as it "pollutes" the total call list. It would be correct to place, as on the Samsung, where history on each call opens a separate (displaying the time of the call, its duration, etc.);
3. The absence of a separate settings on the desktop (e.g., battery status);
4. Weak capacity battery for this phone (like the Nokia E72 has a capacity of 1500 mAh, while the Lumia 925 is 2000 mA). And this despite the fact that its capacity is THREE times the capacity of the same E72. Total - charge lasts a maximum of 2 days in the regime of infrequent conversations, and 8-10 hours in 3G mode (no DC load);
5. Very disappointed by the performance of individual programs in the "background", namely Skype. The problem is this - when you exit the window, for all his interlocutors, you become invisible (i.e. "offline"), but you're online! :) Also, you can't get through your buddies, BUT can write a message that will reach to you in the form of "push". You will see him, or hear. About this issue, Windows Phone users are already writing about two years, but no response from developers no, sorry (
The drawbacks I described the problem with the programs in the "background". The developers write that it's all done to save battery power. But this adversely affects the assignment of programs that are designed for private use, or for business. It is impossible to fully use.
And so, if you need from the phone performance is good (not great) alternative to Android, the Apple - it is exactly this machine. There are of course disadvantages, but it's temporary. Today a friend of mine was in the center of Nokia and they told him that the problem with the Viber already eliminated. So, Skype on the approach too. I had before this was the Nokia E72. Will get used to it. I hope the developers will pay attention to my comments...

925 excellent device

2014-06-09 23:03
Screen,speed,photo quality video.built-in license Office...ergonomics, good ears included
Not many open offers on anroid
Recommend Android users to switch to Windows phone 8 .That is to say, enjoy a great game like...

a maximum of ten thousand

2014-08-14 07:44
The phone is bright and fast , good camera use three weeks . The large screen.
Sometimes hangs and heats up , turns on the mobile Internet ,the discharge for two ,three hours . Windows are very energy-intensive OS !! One more disgusting is the fact that the files are not needed ,you cannot delete clear memory - only a full reset! With 15 gig. The problem
Per day charge 2-3 times is not very convenient. for phone calls a smartphone raw device and operating system do not advise

excellent processing needs 920

2014-10-22 18:31
Camera, the dimensions, the materials used, the attention to small details of the device, screen, battery life ( I have when tapping music and the Internet 2 days holding)
there is a small gap between the polycarbonate and metal
The camera is just gorgeous, the aspect ratio of the display and its size, is very comfortable in the hand, the materials are metal and polycarbonate - looks spectacular. Works quickly and smoothly. But as you know it is an improved version of the 920 and I would like that if they did not seek the subtleties and left thickness needs 920 but instead of a block for wireless charging would have put in there even more battery, so that would be carrying in his pocket felt more than just a phone and the "thing"))))

apparatus for lifelong task completely suitable.

2015-02-18 05:38
Battery day under normal loads, holds,camera,no brakes,Luggage.
Creaks back cover near the volume control!
The phone is used a month,in principle, all happy! the iPhone 5s went on the shelf until,vinda did not disappoint!

If there is no bias - must take - will not regret!

2015-04-17 17:29
I use the phone since its appearance in the sale.
Excellent device at an excellent OS.
Charge for a day is enough iron.
Speed - no brakes at all!
Beautiful and durable - does not scratch, shedding his :))
Lots of applications - don't know why people still!! write about the lack of apps for the idea of it and all.
Full integration with social networks. All events in a single tape.
What else?
Sync any data through SkyDrive.
Email, Skype everything works fine.
The battery could be more powerful.

Overall the phone is good, but luperci (

2015-04-22 10:31
Everything is fast and works flawlessly-it flies!
the Screen is very convenient
it is also a convenient account in Windows, all at once moved and installed with the 920
Who would not write - CHLOPCY!
twice fell from waist level ("missed" by the pocket) and both times left rear cover from the slots aluminum frame (((
Fixing a latch manually. After one day stopped working. Wore workman, soldered some ribbon cable (repair 2000 RUB.)
Aluminum frame in the first week after purchase began to climb (I have the black model)
To me, the 920-I better. And General design, and a one-piece case, and side buttons. Only much heavier because of the built-in wireless charging (((
And stuffing 920 and 925 95% identical, except for the 5th "floating" lenses in 925, but in 920 32GB memory vs 16GB in 925

conventional model, nothing special

2015-05-02 23:16
design, camera
the backlash of the rear cover, the battery is full of [censored]
good design, but the constant reference to the power upsets, problems with battery kills all received from phone fun!!! take a month.

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