Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: Android v 4.4 / c opportunity update to v5.0 / ; The type of SIM card: micro-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 5.7 ;" 1920x1080 ;Pix 386 ;ppi 16 million. colors Super AMOLED Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch glass Gorilla Glass ; CPU frequency: 1900 ;MHz / A15 1.9 GHz + A7 1.3 GHz / ; Number of CPU cores: 8; Accelerator: + / ARM Mali-T628 MP6 / ; RAM: 3072 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 16 ;Gb / 32 Gb, 64 Gb / ; Slot for memory...


excellent model, very much

2014-05-16 18:55
- Beautiful. I have the black version.
- Slim, nice to take in hand.
- high-Quality. Build excellent, no worse than the iPhone.
- everything Seems to be made of metal. But read in the Internet that it is not.
- the Case is covered with paint that is not afraid of scratches.
- fast Enough, applications run without problems.
- 2 GB of random access, 16 internal memory, plus a memory card.
- Large screen with high resolution.
- Supports all modern standards and technologies.
- No problems with signal reception.
- the Interlocutor perfectly audible.
- the External speaker is quite loud and sounds good.
- Excellent camera, both have great picture quality.
- die hard battery. Charge once a day, but I use VERY actively.
- charging the battery is very fast.
- fixed a lot of split screen for two applications!
- Very high cost
- In the second slot or you can put the memory card or SIM card
Happy with everything!

excellent model, very much

2014-11-22 19:28
The phone is cool. Got it as a birthday present. Love. Almost replaced my phone and computer, and TV. Funky appearance. Slim and fits comfortably in your hand. A large screen on which you can easily watch movies no worse than on TV somewhere on the road. Color white with metallic accents on the body look good. And yet the metal is not plastic, it can and will last longer, will not ataskaita over time. A bright, sharp color pictures, great sound quality and loud enough at maximum. Immediately when buying the phone was preinstalled with many useful gadgets. No need to choose and download from the Internet. By the way the phone for two SIM-cards. There is no need to carry two phones. as well as all the contacts and all the information in one place. Great camera. Even if little hands are shaking still get good photos in the dark too by the way get good pictures. Given the fact that I constantly use the phone, we talk, we get along on the Internet or something. battery I don't care enough for a long time. Despite the constant use of the phone never hangs and not buggy.
Everything is fine.
Stylish, fast, quality phone.

excellent model, very much

2015-01-02 07:30
Stylish and comfortable smart.
5.5 FHD Super AMOLED screen is power.
Balanced power consumption.
In the standby mode consumes little energy for the night of 1-2%.
Common slot for SIM cards and micro SD cards, or a second number or memory.
For gamers preferable S5

good model, like

2015-04-27 16:21
Excellent Assembly. I understand that metal is not only the side frame, and the rear surface (at least that's what I read on the web, some sources say that it is not). And just happy. Bonded everything is fine, no cracks, nothing falls out, the body looks quite solid. Rectangular design, looks very solid, especially the black version, no zamiennik angles, as at the latest models from Samsung. The case is very slim, feels great in the hand. Not was no jacket to wear to look not to spoil. The screen is just gorgeous, the manufacturer keeps the brand. Individual pixels do not see the phone in your pocket can barely get in because of this fabric (although it is still not the final shovel). No performance problems, has not been a game that he started, everything just flies. Noted only that sometimes the brakes when scrolling through the interface, even strange things happening. But it is possible not to pay attention. Good to hear the interlocutor, there is no reception problems. The speaker is loud with quality sound, you can comfortably watch movies without headphones. From the main camera was expecting more, still it shoots much better than similar products from competitors. To front camera no question.
Very disappointed the battery. Last time, you can often hear that phones with large screen hold much longer, thanks to a large battery. Now, it's not about the Samsung Galaxy A7. My previous phone barely a day has pulled that. All of the increase in battery left in the magnification of the screen. Per night can easily a third to run just lying on the table. So you have to keep two charging at home and at work. I use this quite actively, so that the battery I easy on the eyes. Permanent closing apps and there all sorts of optimizations that suggest the Internet is not *** 't help. In Internet read reviews about three or four days. So go look, and their authors by phone don't use, or am I doing something wrong or my battery something.
Here would be the battery twice and would be an excellent phone

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