Samsung Galaxy Star Plus Duos

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM ; Operating system: Android; Number of SIM cards: 2 SIM; Mode SIM cards: alternate; The type of SIM card: micro-SIM; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 4 ;" 800x480 ;Pix 233 ;ppi 16 million. colors Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch ; CPU frequency: 1000 ;MHz; RAM: 512 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 4 ;Gb; Slot for memory cards: + / microSD / ; Max. card volume: 32 ;Gb; AnTuTu Benchmark: 6423 ;score(s); Camera: 2 ;MP; Max. resolution: 1600x1200 ;Pix; Communication: GPRS EDGE Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct / Bluetooth ; Multimedia: Media player The recorder...


Table of characteristics

Colorgreen, red, orange, light green, black, white
Device typesmartphone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemAndroid
Number of SIM cards2 SIM
Mode SIM cardsalternate
The type of SIM cardmicro-SIM
Housing typemonoblock
The main display4 "
800x480 Pix
233 ppi
16 million. colors
Touch screen
CPU frequency1000 MHz
RAM512 Mb
Built-in memory4 Gb
Slot for memory cards+ / microSD /
Max. card volume32 Gb
The results of the tests 
AnTuTu Benchmark6423 score(s)
Digital camera 
Camera2 MP
Max. resolution1600x1200 Pix
Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Direct /
MultimediaMedia player
The recorder
Connection portsmicroUSB
Headphones (3.5 mm)
The battery capacity1500 mAh
The time in standby mode370 h
The time in conversation mode15 h
Time in the mode of Internet surfing7 h / mobile Internet to 5 h /
The time in player mode26 h
Model chargerECA-U21CBE, ECA-U16CBE, ETA-U90EWE
Dimensions (Wksht)121.2x62.7x10.6 mm
Weight121 y


A handy phone with a set of basic functions. Completely satisfied with the purchase of this apt

2014-07-23 15:51
Screen, good battery, camera with higher resolution for shooting Full HD video, 2 SIM cards, secure building, convenient memory card slot, slim enough in the hand non-slip, good viewing angle.
Weak speaker that is uncomfortable to the ear, is easily scratched back cover.
Decent phone for its name. The first thing that surprised, when I opened the box after receiving, this slim case, which is very comfortable to lie down in the hand and does not slip. Conveniently located buttons adjust the volume and turn on the phone at the end of the housing is easy to find with your finger and press it on. Well hidden slots for SIM cards and memory cards easily noticeable under cover. When you first turn it took to charge the phone as the battery, which, incidentally, is a very decent capacity, was discharged. Charging the phone is fast, that is not unimportant for the battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Good sounding music in the headphones that are included, more than cover not too loud main speaker, where the sound quality is quite good and pleasant to the ear when communicating with someone. Main video camera features a nice and intuitive interface with good video recording with Full HD resolution. Communication via Skype is through the second chamber without any problems, and the phone copes with it. This processor is enough to perform tasks for him, viewing videos in good quality, and also for games. I didn't notice that the CPU is very weak, if you believe the criticism of other users, I am completely satisfied with. Very good angle of view and a sufficient brightness of the screen allows you to use without restriction, as in bright sunlight and in complete darkness.

If you had asked me what phone to get, without hesitation would recommend!

2014-12-29 08:35
Stunning design
Great camera
Good battery
Easy to use
Until I found, I hope, if you will, positive things will Eclipse them
Here's what I made a present to my beloved husband for the holidays! I have long wanted a phone with a big diagonal. But did not dare, afraid it will be terribly inconvenient and hard to use, in the other hand I have a child. But on this phone the unlock button placed in a non-traditional place - at the center from the right side, which gives the opportunity to handle the phone with one hand. Very comfortable. The design is just awesome especially in purple and white colour variants, the long Calabasas which to choose, chose the purple version! As for Android, I already 4.4 is kit Kat. The menu is very easy and intuitive, I figured out quickly, that I, the son two and a half years, he easily picks up the phone, walks into YouTube, looks fixies!)) The battery for this unit holds up well. In active use - phone, Skype, Internet, music, video, social. network, like 40 hours! Is this size ( I have a previous LV with only 5 days kept!). We should also mention the camera, the image quality with a Bang, and more pleased with the quickness, very easy to catch all the antics of the baby! As a small omissions can be noted that a small RAM. Still 1 gig is not enough, I still have enough, but how the future will never know.
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