Samsung Galaxy Y

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: Android; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 3 ;" 320x240 ;Pix 256 000 colors Touch screen Capacitive ; CPU frequency: 830 ;MHz; Accelerator: +; Built-in memory: 160 ;Mb; Slot for memory cards: + / microSD / ; Max. card volume: 32 ;Gb; Camera: 2 ;MP; Max. resolution: 1600x1200 ;Pix; Geotagging: +; Communication: GPRS EDGE Wi-Fi / 802.11 b/g/n / Bluetooth / v3.0 / ; aGPS: +; GPS module: +; Preinstalled map: Google Maps; Digital compass: +; Multimedia: Media player FM-receiver The recorder ; Connection ports:...


Table of characteristics

Colorpink, black, white
Device typesmartphone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemAndroid
Housing typemonoblock
The main display3 "
320x240 Pix
256 000 colors
Touch screen
CPU frequency830 MHz
Built-in memory160 Mb
Slot for memory cards+ / microSD /
Max. card volume32 Gb
Digital camera 
Camera2 MP
Max. resolution1600x1200 Pix
Wi-Fi / 802.11 b/g/n /
Bluetooth / v3.0 /
GPS module+
Preinstalled mapGoogle Maps
Digital compass+
MultimediaMedia player
The recorder
Connection portsmicroUSB
Headphones (3.5 mm)
Data entry 
Sensor approximation
Sensor lighting
Model of batteryEB454357VU
The battery capacity1200 mAh
The time in standby mode850 h
The time in conversation mode17 h
The 3G telephony6.5 h
Model chargerECA-U21CBE, ECA-U16CBE, ETA-U90EWE
Specific absorption rate (SAR)0.66 W/kg
Dimensions (Wksht)104x58x11.5 mm
Weight98 y


I Advise You To Buy!

2014-06-01 17:45
The screen is good, camera quality is more than their 2 MP, convenient interface, it is convenient through the story to call the contact and message him to write a sufficient number of operating panels, quick access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc, the battery lasts for a long time!
per week using no glitch was not!
Said much salarywise back, I got the white and it is not a single speck no* trust the man with experience, I chose a long phone and finally found what I need!

Phone bad

2014-06-15 22:28
Convenient that the texts can not dial buttons, records the voice and reproduces the text on the screen
Glossy cover - all the time perverted by alien influences!
battery Heats up when charging, heats up in 2 minutes simple game, during any conversation,it is actually ALL the time Greet!!!
Buggy after installing 3 the simplest of games (the seller said that I RELOADED downloads))) I Had to remove these "impossible" games with internal memory and download Dr Samsung Epps on the external card!In both!
VERY quiet on the phone!!!
Periodically missed calls while the phone lejarraga and didn't call
Very inconvenient system Answer calls (you need to hold your finger on the screen and not always succeed to do the right thing with Progresa)
I bought the phone for the student 8 years old, well to know how he came to school(if you went alone) to call and check he is okay, the child is called if that happened,suddenly their previously released or not much else!!!! Well of course the simple "don't touch" phones our children are not suitable as they are looking at peers and also want them to have what to play. But the key requirements when buying the PHONE SHOULD have been RINGING !As it is a phone, I need to know WHERE and WHAT about the baby!!!But why the clerk didn't tell me about this feature of the phone (although you knew that I take pervoklassniku) VERY quiet to call!!!Why do I now actually need, if you don't buy???!!! In no case do not buy this model for your child! Want to suffer, but not only children-they never uslast the sound of ringing noise in school change and even street noise!
Save your nerves and use high quality telefonami)
PS In our family doetogo had 2 bodies for my tisu husband and EPL for 32. If I now chose between Sams 5360 and my little old for a thousand - we would choose the second!

I like, Sooo. nimble, very loud. in nauchnyh buzz. only. headphones

2014-06-23 04:18
rear. cover black. much dirty. well and camera 2. BUT!! overall good
take only with cerebr. cover
those who wrote about him, the problem is in the MAG. Hello
I have a friend 3 times bought their phones in this MAG. and bullshit with them, it is buggy..the SIM card is not seen, then sound, then switched off..then the speaker of crap...
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