Samsung SGH-D980 Duos

Device type: phone; Communication standards: GSM ; Operating system: missing; Number of SIM cards: 2 SIM; Mode SIM cards: simultaneous; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 2.6 ;" 320x240 ;Pix 256 000 colors Touch screen Resistive ; Built-in memory: 45 ;Mb; Slot for memory cards: +; Camera: 5 ;MP / entry video / ; Max. resolution: 2592x1944 ;Pix; Autofocus: +; Flash: + / led / ; Communication: GPRS EDGE Bluetooth ; Multimedia: Media player FM-receiver / function RDS, entry 30 stations / The recorder ; Battery: Li-Ion; The battery capacity: 1200 ;mAh; The time in standby...


Table of characteristics

Device typephone
Communication standardsGSM
Operating systemmissing
Number of SIM cards2 SIM
Mode SIM cardssimultaneous
Housing typemonoblock
The main display2.6 "
320x240 Pix
256 000 colors
Touch screen
Built-in memory45 Mb
Slot for memory cards+
Digital camera 
Camera5 MP / entry video /
Max. resolution2592x1944 Pix
Flash+ / led /
MultimediaMedia player
FM-receiver / function RDS, entry 30 stations /
The recorder
The battery capacity1200 mAh
The time in standby mode230 h
The time in conversation mode5 h
Model chargerECA-U21CBE, ECA-U16CBE, ETA-U90EWE
Dimensions (Wksht)97.5x55x16.3 mm
Weight117 y


I bought it brand new, now need a new one, so decide

2014-05-20 16:46
Worked for exactly one year, almost without problems, advantage - 2 SIM cards simultaneously, mp3 player, support Internet 3 in one
touch screen, afraid of cold, afraid of heat, God forbid You to overheat or overcool your pet, even if you walked down the street, he's had enough. The sensor immediately peels off, as it was already written.Sometimes does not see a second SIM card, just shows the network but to make a call or receive a call, no network!
To buy a new use to a year, then throw away and buy new.I have 2 duos,D 880 and D 980, so here is the first model he worked for 3 years, had to replace after 3 years only cable service center. And everything works.

the extremely low reliability of the touch screen (this is statistics)

2014-05-26 21:00
1) the presence of two active sim cards;
2) full battery power, hvataet for 2 days (with frequent conversations);
3) the existence of a set of the 2nd battery box charger;
4) Comfortable (in my opinion) menu;
5) Case included;
1) fuzzy operation touch screen display;
2) it is impossible to switch to another line during a call when the call is on the opposite SIM;
3)uncomfortable speakerphone;
4)unreliable touch-screen display;
Have this model for about 2 years, constantly used 2 SIM why I bought this model. During the operation several times freezes (no more than 10), but today it stopped working the touch screen. Many of my friends this has occurred in the ownership of your phone up to 6 months.

do not regret the choice...for almost a year and a half hovered once glitch

2014-06-09 19:51
claimed two SIM cards at work...easy protects from drops...2 batteries and charger for battery connector...under "real" headphones...
after the first impression (took after Nokia n P1 and Sonic...tired of two phones to drag...)realized that the playlist is not the metro call miss piece of cake even with a vibrator...the display in the sun is not visible...
there is a sense to take besides who doesn't want to drag two phones...with yuzanii Ineta not (it subjectively - after Sonic L1) connection (after Nokia's n)...BUT for like replacement in the form of a two-card nebylo...
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