ZTE Blade G Lux

Device type: smartphone; Communication standards: GSM 3G ; Operating system: Android; Number of SIM cards: 2 SIM; Mode SIM cards: alternate; The type of SIM card: micro-SIM / micro + mini / ; Housing type: monoblock; The main display: 4.5 ;" 854x480 ;Pix 218 ;ppi Touch screen Capacitive Multitouch ; CPU frequency: 1300 ;MHz / MediaTek MT6572 / ; Number of CPU cores: 2; Accelerator: +; RAM: 512 ;Mb; Built-in memory: 4 ;Gb; Slot for memory cards: + / microSD / ; Max. card volume: 32 ;Gb; AnTuTu Benchmark: 10480 ;score(s) / v5.0 / ; Camera:...


excellent model, very much

2014-12-07 09:47
Used for work as well as would not lie, but probably 3-4 years - I do not remember.
PHONE NOT to KILL, they even jumped on it - live.
WEIGHT - can be used as throwing weapons in an attack on you. When hit in the head you can temporarily disorientate an attacker and to use that time to hide.
Did not know where to write, but I think it's the Glitches occasionally rebooted itself (about 2-3 times per month). Really pissed when I write SMS, and Bach and he is overloaded, and all over again.
Configure MMS is almost impossible - very few of those who know how it's done even in the offices of cell phone companies
Sinhronizacija with the comp did not understand what it is and how it works for this phone.
Back cover, very quickly breaks down (sloppy I'm a man)
Housing replacement cost about two thousand in the past year (after it jumped) - the price of spare parts to the filipka better not to know (even approximately). Now I use the Nokia - hysterical - they need every day to charge... about the shortcomings - still tolerable. Better working phone to be found. Currently considering replacing the phone - don't - only Phillips.

Simple long lasting cellphone could reduce the price.

2015-04-14 05:14
Capacious battery, the maximum availability under intense conversations. And that's it.
When you receive a call on the display, a white background appears with a certain frequency, any characters not seen, do not know who is calling you.
Terrifying the shortage and high cost of conventional and simple parts of a type of safety glass, original headset, etc.
I advise you not to mess with this model.

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